Welcome to Richardsville, NC (aka Dicktown to the locals) and its famous boy detective, John Hunchman. Except John isn't a boy any more. He's a sad, shabby man who just turned 40, and while he's still a detective, he still only solves crimes for teenagers. Meet his partner, David Purefoy. David used to be John's arch-enemy in high school, but like John, he also failed to get out of town and still lives with his parents. David is John's driver, hired muscle and unlikely friend. Each week they take on a different client and solve a different mystery of Dicktown. Between chasing down stolen pimento cheese recipes and high school mascots gone rogue, John and David never stop trying to solve the biggest mystery: how to grow up. But when a menacing figure roars into their lives on a weird motorcycle-car, they learn the past isn't done with them yet. Dicktown is an animated quarter-hour series created, written, directed and executive produced by John Hodgman and David Rees, alongside Archer executive producer Matt Thompson of Floyd County Productions. The series returns to FXX for its second season on Thursday, March 3 at 10p ET/PT, streaming the next day via Hulu.